Wednesday, September 30

Christmas List

This is the perfect jersey to get. No one has it, and baseball fans will really appreciate it. Also Gene Lamont is one awesome guy. Anyone is welcome to get this as a token of appreciation for all of the vital knowledge this blog provides. Tigers tonight. Get it done.

Wednesday, September 23

Hi Mom, im eating healthy.

OK, so wow, I have not put up a blog in forever. I have literally been 100% busy with school, the newspaper, Laker Nation, running club and shopping at Family Fare. I haven't written anything for fun in about 2 months. And yes, I am eating well, and I occasionally sleep for 2 hours at a time. Most of my writing is dedicated to the GVSU school paper (The Lanthorn), where I am a sports writer. I now cover the men's and women's golf teams, and occasionally tennis. You can check out my articles here- I'll put up some news about the Lakers, such as how the women's team just got back from a tournament, where they beat a ton of DI schools like Oakland. Which brings me to today's topic. Yes, Grand Valley is Division II. I am getting pretty tired of hearing about how no one cares about Division II sports or how GVSU is a glorified high school. For the people who don't know, here is why GVSU is still DII. I like the part about how GV has spent half a billion on academic buildings over the past few years. I'd rather have a nice Mac lab to get work done (and edit awesome videos) instead of a shiny new football stadium. While visiting a few schools as a senior in high school, I noticed that they all might have really nice basketball arenas, but the rest of the buildings look like they are ready to fall over. I doubt I would do any studying under Calvin's rock climbing wall in their new arena, or hear a lecture in Oakland's basketball facility. No, GVSU has tried very hard to make the academic experience the best possible for its students. I am not paying all this money to watch a game comfortably (at least for a half, before we are up by 100 points). I am here to get a education. So stop running your mouths, you DII haters, and remember when we beat the Spartans at the Breslin, or when we were the national dodgeball champions (that's all divisions ha ha), or maybe when our golf and cross country teams wipe the floor with most of your Nike DI uniforms. Or when your DI football and basketball players (that means you Michigan) keep transferring into GVSU. Just somthing to think about. Please stop hating on GVSU athletics, even if you don't really belive in your own facebook statuses.

Also, I think I should point out that GVSU senior cornerback Robert Carlisle broke his leg in the Lakers' 38-7 win over Saginaw Valley. Carlisle attended Lutheran High East, a high school in Detroit that has since shut down. Carlisle's class was the last to graduate from the school, which as far as I can tell, means that Carlisle was the last player from East to still be playing football. He leaves a hole at cornetback, but you can read all about that in my editor's article. Speaking of the SVSU game (The Battle of the Valleys), once again, GVSU killed the Cardinals in another boring game. On the bright side, this year's shirts were pretty cool. That's our mascot, Louie, eating a cardinal. Standard.