Thursday, August 20

Return to blogging, what is G?

I go back to school on Sunday, which also means I start blogging for real for real. In the mean time, sit back, crack open a Gatorade and enjoy this video.

Monday, August 10

Business as Usual

This past week, Grand Valley State football was voted by the coaches in the GLIAC (Our football conference) as the favorite. GV has not lost a conference game since 2004 (40 game streak), and has not lost a regular season game in 42 tries. Also, senior QB Brad Iciek will be featured on the cover of D2 Football magazine as part of their preview issue. Like I said, business as usual. Meanwhile, U of M and MSU were not picked in the top 25, and everyone knows that the highlight of CMU's season was the new banner at Comerica Park...