Thursday, April 9

Young Punks

Here is a promo video for Chicago Blackhawks playoff hockey.

Ok ok pretty humorous. Maybe. But I have a question for Mr. Burish. Why did you skate away like a little kid who knew he was going to get punished? Burish seemed like he wanted to get out of there pretty quick. Almost like the time when I was golfing in my front yard and it started raining. I kept playing and the club slipped and hit my neighbors window (it didn't break). Just like Burish, I fled the scene as fast as possible, because I didn't want to get beat up. (Mrs. Coppins was a tough old Irish woman). Sure the Blackhaws are no longer a joke in the NHL, but why would they instigate the Wings like that? The Blackhawks are 0-4 against the Wings this season. They better hope that they do not meet in the playoffs, because that little octopus gimmick will come back to haunt the Hawks that are black.