Sunday, April 5

Twitter Scandal!

Last night, as I typed up my latest article for the Lanthorn, I was checking my Twitter every once in a while, and one person's updates stood out to me. Actually, this user wasn't so much a person, but rather th Twitter account of the Detroit News. In my journalism classes, lesson number one is objectivity. Don't write like a fan, or give any indication of what you think. On the DetNews Twitter, I found the exact opposite. Lets take a look at some of the updates DetNews posted during the MSU-UConn game. Click the images to enlarge them. I know they are grainy.

^^^That one wasn't too bad, just an update of the score.

^^^It starts to break down here. Ok, they have heart. Cliche siren engaged.

^^^Really? In the house? That's what a drunk guy at a Pistons game yells. Start at the bottom with the next picture.

^^^Let's decipher these posts. Starting at the bottom, we see a few score updates, many of which make no sense. By the way, who uses Twitter to get real time game updates? So it all falls apart with the "Detroit is green and white" comment. Really? No slappie journalism there...DetNews goes on to send a message at Gov. Granholm (I told you she was cool) and Det. Mayor Ken Cockerel. "Go State!" and "Sparty On" are not terms I like to see out of a major news publication, even if it is a Twitter. So I fired a witty message at DetNews that said:

^^^By sending the messages @DetNews, that means that the News would see them on its update feed. I didn't expect to get a response, but here is the direct message I received:

I can have fun with plenty of things, Mr. DetNews. I can watch TV, hang out with friends, play some sports, read, write a blog post, watch a movie, get some ice cream, the list goes on. Last time I checked, a function of the press was not "have fun". Also, I am glad to know that "BBALL" is not considered journalism. I'll tell that to my editor the next time I cover GVSU basketball. Since it isn't journalism, I guess I can say whatever! GVSU in da house! K'Len Morris bringin the thunder! My main man Pete Trammel takin over!!!!! Holla at GVSU ballerz!! Paint G-Rap blue! What up D. Devos? How 'bout them Lakers?


I guess I expected DetNews to be far more professional, considering that they are an extension of the newspaper. This is yet another example of my belief that print journalism had no idea how to handle the Internet. What a great way to increase publicity and maybe subscriptions using the red hot website of Twitter, yet all DetNews can come up with is some immature and homer posts about painting the city green. There is no plan on how to make a buck online or how to revolutionize journalism, which is why I switched my major to Public Relations. The industry will flounder into oblivion because either the old guard is too stubborn to change or the changes they do come up with are nothing more than gimmicks, rather than a solid, revenue generating industry. Look for my latest article on the Laker track team, and their meet at Michigan State. No favoritism, I promise!