Tuesday, April 7

New Lanthorn Article-Track and Field

On Monday, my newest article for the GVSU school paper came out. I wrote about the track team, which as some seriously good athletes. This team is going to do well this season. You can check it out here http://www.lanthorn.com/56-Track-and-Field. Also, you can view the online edition of the paper, which acts just like a real newspaper, here. http://digital.zoompubs.com/publication/?m=4140&l=1 My article is on page B3. You have sunk my battleship. Anyway, I have another article coming in Thursday's edition, so it was a very busy week for me. This sure beats the once a month deadlines that people complained about during the Northstar... I had an article due on Sunday morning, and two due this morning. I think I actually write better under pressure, which is good, because that's about the only important writing I will be doing for the next few years. Also, congratulations to Chase Taylor, who was elected as Event Coordinator of the GVSU Running Club last night. He ran on a solid platform, and an even better slogan, "Chase the Dream" which was the creation of yours truly. I look forward to his uplifting and inspiring events next year. He is truly the event coordinator of a lifetime. And haha MSU did great last night. I thought Izzo always had his players ready to play? The team looked like they had never practiced together. And don't give me the whole "blame the refs" sob story. The refs didn't turn the ball over 300 times in the first five minutes. MSU got beat by a better team. Good season Spartans, enjoy it now, because Manny's coming.