Sunday, April 19

Dolphins wanted: dead or alive

Proof that journalism has gone to the dogs: A "news" story on reads "Dead dolphin found near Bon Jovi's house." Not in Jon's home, near it. Other than kicking the chum bucket near The Bon's house, this dolphin has absolutely nothing to to with Mr. Jovi Read all about this fascinating piece of earth shattering news here. Not only do I think Bon Jovi is overrated, I don't really care about dolphins all that much. Seriously, this is news? They even threw in a "Livin' on a Prayer" reference. Not only is that line a cliche, the fact that it is part of an overplayed, top 40 pop song makes it even worse. The Associated Press, which is responsible for this stirring piece, is supposed to be the champion of blunt and objective news. Now they seem to be competing with Perez Hilton and crew. Once again all of the damage control I have been hearing from the journalism department simply crumbles as each day, the old way of printing news falls victim to the plain stupid Internet world of free news. I am even getting tired of FoxNews and crew. I always knew that "Fair and Balanced" was marketing, but seriously, they are going too far. I guess that's where we are headed. Back to studying mt Communications final. New SwimmersItch video will be up on May 4.