Sunday, April 19

Dolphins wanted: dead or alive

Proof that journalism has gone to the dogs: A "news" story on reads "Dead dolphin found near Bon Jovi's house." Not in Jon's home, near it. Other than kicking the chum bucket near The Bon's house, this dolphin has absolutely nothing to to with Mr. Jovi Read all about this fascinating piece of earth shattering news here. Not only do I think Bon Jovi is overrated, I don't really care about dolphins all that much. Seriously, this is news? They even threw in a "Livin' on a Prayer" reference. Not only is that line a cliche, the fact that it is part of an overplayed, top 40 pop song makes it even worse. The Associated Press, which is responsible for this stirring piece, is supposed to be the champion of blunt and objective news. Now they seem to be competing with Perez Hilton and crew. Once again all of the damage control I have been hearing from the journalism department simply crumbles as each day, the old way of printing news falls victim to the plain stupid Internet world of free news. I am even getting tired of FoxNews and crew. I always knew that "Fair and Balanced" was marketing, but seriously, they are going too far. I guess that's where we are headed. Back to studying mt Communications final. New SwimmersItch video will be up on May 4.

Tuesday, April 14

Hi-Res Obama

Here is an awesome panorama of the inauguration speech this past January. If you were there, try to find yourself. This is the coolest picture I have seen in a while. Click this link, not the picture I captured from the site.
In other news, I gave a knockout speech on why PCs are a better purchase than Macs today in my COM 201 class. It went better than I expected. No angry Mac users rushed me after class. Basically, most college students have limited funds, which makes the PC the most viable option. I compared two similar models and showed a $400 price difference for basically the same computer. If you can afford to pay that just to get a logo and slim body, more power to you, but for the rest of us in the real world, PCs are the best option. I will put up the full speech sometime later.

Thursday, April 9

Young Punks

Here is a promo video for Chicago Blackhawks playoff hockey.

Ok ok pretty humorous. Maybe. But I have a question for Mr. Burish. Why did you skate away like a little kid who knew he was going to get punished? Burish seemed like he wanted to get out of there pretty quick. Almost like the time when I was golfing in my front yard and it started raining. I kept playing and the club slipped and hit my neighbors window (it didn't break). Just like Burish, I fled the scene as fast as possible, because I didn't want to get beat up. (Mrs. Coppins was a tough old Irish woman). Sure the Blackhaws are no longer a joke in the NHL, but why would they instigate the Wings like that? The Blackhawks are 0-4 against the Wings this season. They better hope that they do not meet in the playoffs, because that little octopus gimmick will come back to haunt the Hawks that are black.

Tuesday, April 7

New Lanthorn Article-Track and Field

On Monday, my newest article for the GVSU school paper came out. I wrote about the track team, which as some seriously good athletes. This team is going to do well this season. You can check it out here Also, you can view the online edition of the paper, which acts just like a real newspaper, here. My article is on page B3. You have sunk my battleship. Anyway, I have another article coming in Thursday's edition, so it was a very busy week for me. This sure beats the once a month deadlines that people complained about during the Northstar... I had an article due on Sunday morning, and two due this morning. I think I actually write better under pressure, which is good, because that's about the only important writing I will be doing for the next few years. Also, congratulations to Chase Taylor, who was elected as Event Coordinator of the GVSU Running Club last night. He ran on a solid platform, and an even better slogan, "Chase the Dream" which was the creation of yours truly. I look forward to his uplifting and inspiring events next year. He is truly the event coordinator of a lifetime. And haha MSU did great last night. I thought Izzo always had his players ready to play? The team looked like they had never practiced together. And don't give me the whole "blame the refs" sob story. The refs didn't turn the ball over 300 times in the first five minutes. MSU got beat by a better team. Good season Spartans, enjoy it now, because Manny's coming.

Sunday, April 5

Twitter Scandal!

Last night, as I typed up my latest article for the Lanthorn, I was checking my Twitter every once in a while, and one person's updates stood out to me. Actually, this user wasn't so much a person, but rather th Twitter account of the Detroit News. In my journalism classes, lesson number one is objectivity. Don't write like a fan, or give any indication of what you think. On the DetNews Twitter, I found the exact opposite. Lets take a look at some of the updates DetNews posted during the MSU-UConn game. Click the images to enlarge them. I know they are grainy.

^^^That one wasn't too bad, just an update of the score.

^^^It starts to break down here. Ok, they have heart. Cliche siren engaged.

^^^Really? In the house? That's what a drunk guy at a Pistons game yells. Start at the bottom with the next picture.

^^^Let's decipher these posts. Starting at the bottom, we see a few score updates, many of which make no sense. By the way, who uses Twitter to get real time game updates? So it all falls apart with the "Detroit is green and white" comment. Really? No slappie journalism there...DetNews goes on to send a message at Gov. Granholm (I told you she was cool) and Det. Mayor Ken Cockerel. "Go State!" and "Sparty On" are not terms I like to see out of a major news publication, even if it is a Twitter. So I fired a witty message at DetNews that said:

^^^By sending the messages @DetNews, that means that the News would see them on its update feed. I didn't expect to get a response, but here is the direct message I received:

I can have fun with plenty of things, Mr. DetNews. I can watch TV, hang out with friends, play some sports, read, write a blog post, watch a movie, get some ice cream, the list goes on. Last time I checked, a function of the press was not "have fun". Also, I am glad to know that "BBALL" is not considered journalism. I'll tell that to my editor the next time I cover GVSU basketball. Since it isn't journalism, I guess I can say whatever! GVSU in da house! K'Len Morris bringin the thunder! My main man Pete Trammel takin over!!!!! Holla at GVSU ballerz!! Paint G-Rap blue! What up D. Devos? How 'bout them Lakers?


I guess I expected DetNews to be far more professional, considering that they are an extension of the newspaper. This is yet another example of my belief that print journalism had no idea how to handle the Internet. What a great way to increase publicity and maybe subscriptions using the red hot website of Twitter, yet all DetNews can come up with is some immature and homer posts about painting the city green. There is no plan on how to make a buck online or how to revolutionize journalism, which is why I switched my major to Public Relations. The industry will flounder into oblivion because either the old guard is too stubborn to change or the changes they do come up with are nothing more than gimmicks, rather than a solid, revenue generating industry. Look for my latest article on the Laker track team, and their meet at Michigan State. No favoritism, I promise!

Friday, April 3

New Swimmers Itch Video

I just put together a few bloopers from my videos with Swimmers Itch and from high school. I hope you enjoy (and subscribe if you like!)

Also, here are a few new designs for my logo.

Thursday, April 2