Monday, March 23

Promotional Materials

A while back, I talked about how the Grand Valley Lanthorn hired me as a sports blogger. I was not technically on the staff, but I still had my stories posted on the paper's website. Well, today, I found out that I was promoted to the staff as a sports writer. As far as I know, I will cover about one story a week, which is given to me by the sports editor. This is really cool, because I am going to be printed in the school paper whenever I have an assignment. No more hard to locate blogs, this is real journalism work. It is really cool that I have been able to move up so quickly. Many people don't start doing work related to their careers until later, and I am able to gain valuable experience that other people may not have. Many people my age don't even know what they want to do with their lives, let alone their major. I am not exactly sure of any other details, but once I know, I will post it here. If you read my blog on the Lanthorn website, thanks. I will put up my articles here so you can check them out and see what happening with Grand Valley athletics. Thanks for reading,

P.S. do you like the newest header? I am tweaking it, but I will go with the paint splatter theme. Its all the rage amongst trendy PhotoShop users.