Saturday, March 28

Life Goal

Ok. Its late (early), and the only show worth watching right now is Quarterlife. Quarterlife is a show on GVTV, the cable channel run by students here. It follows the life of Jonas, and his battles with people, classes, and life in general around the Allendale campus. This show is so incredibly cheesy, it is awesome. It is also an outlet for local bands to get thier music heard. Maybe I should start a band... It has a cult following here, as students know the lines to most episodes (because they are on repeat all day). This short black and white show is amazing. So here's my goal. I want to get on Quarterlife. Even if it's just for a few seconds, I want to have a line on the show. I'm not sure how to do it yet, but if it happens; candy for everyone. Here is a trailer for the show. (it is not a joke, this is actual footage). I promise this is the last video for a while on this blog. Good night.