Saturday, March 21

Irish Jig, or Potato Famine?

Casual running does not mean training. I found this hard fact about 2.1 miles into my 5K at the Spectrum Health Irish Jig this morning. While I have been running, I was certainly not training for any specific race. Obviously. This disaster of a race began decent, but I soon realized that I had no speed or endurance. Both of which are somewhat important to running. I finished with a 2009 PR of 23:33, which is by far, the worst recorded 5K time I have EVER run in my ENTIRE life. I think my first 5K ever, I ran a 20:19, and that was 5 years ago. Oh well, I don't really care, I had a good time (not my race time, I enjoyed going to the race.) I did return to GVSU with large amounts of food I snagged by getting in line 3 times. My haul included: 2 packages of giant Goldfish Grams, 2 boxes of raisins, 2 Rice Krispies Treats, 2 packages of sunflowers seeds, 2 bags of Quaker Quakes, 2 Chewy Bars, an ugly mock turtle neck shirt, 2 bottles of Powerade, 1 water bottle, 3 yogurts, 2 apples, three bagels, and 4 spoons. I may not have run very well, but based on the amount of food I snagged, I think this race was worthwhile. And a few GV Running Club Members got in the Grand Rapids Press. Yes, there's a crazy shirtless kid on everyone's team or club. (Kevin Brenner, now Chase). My next goal is to break 21:00. Wow, I can't believe I am saying that. I would actually like to race my 8th grade self and see who would win. Sadly, I think young Brandt would destroy me.