Tuesday, March 31

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is the man. The quarterback at The University of Florida has won two national championships and a Heisman trophy. He will return to Florida for his senior year to go for a third title. I just saw on ESPN that they have put up a plaque on Ben Hill Griffin Stadium memorializing his words after a loss to Mississippi in 2008. Here is what he said. “I’m sorry. Extremely sorry. We were looking for an undefeated season. That was my goal, something Florida’s never done here. But I promise you one thing: A lot of good will come out of this. You have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season, and you will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season. You never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season. God bless.” You don't see this very often. A star athlete taking responsibility for his or her play in a loss. They blame the refs, the coach, teammates, fans, and family members, but rarely themselves. But Tebow didn't just throw his words out there fro no reason; he backed them up. He went out and won that championship. In a world of crybaby soccer players, egotistical baseball players, and moronic basketball players, Tebow stands out. This speech reminded me of a scene from my favorite movie, Miracle, where coach Herb Brooks prepares his team to face the USSR. Enjoy.

Monday, March 30


My first article for the Lanthorn was published today. There was a late delivery, but it is still coming. Check it out online here http://digital.zoompubs.com/publication/?m=4140&l=1.
More to come.

Sunday, March 29

Annoying Facebook pictures

Facebook changed its layout. That means that I have to see more pictures people uploaded on the home screen. Now, don't get me wrong. I really don't care that much about Facebook in general. Anyone who joined an anti-new Facebook layout group, complained about the Terms of Service (See the epilogue), or got emotional when Facebook changed its layout needs to reorganize their priorities. The new layout tries to be Twitter, by posting a news feed of what is happening on Facebook. So now I have to see tons more hilariously stupid pictures by people trying to look cool. Let me give you some examples (click the images to see the full size):
1. Picnik. This is a website that gives you very basic photo editing tools, and a few tacky stamps to decorate your pictures. People go to the extreme and create entire albums of them, with large red lips, one of the same 12 fonts available, and some kind of black and white effect. No, you are not on the artistic edge of image editing. You are a Picniker.
2. The "educated pose". This pose is an attempt by the person to make themselves look smarter, by posing with books, using smart sounding quotes, or dressing up in a suit to take a picture in your mom's bathroom mirror. Sunglasses are optional, but reccomended.
3. The "tough guy pose". This pose is pretty simple. The person turns on their web cam and snaps a few pics trying to look as tough and cool as possible. A hood is a 100% necessity.
4. The "Abercombie Model pose". We all know at least one person like this. If it isn't Abercrombie, it isn't clothes. (Funny, because some Abercombie clothing isn't clothing at all...) Anyway, this pose involves putting on every piece of ripped, sandblasted, bleached, and greasy piece of A&F as possible. This picture is usually taken in front of a bathroom mirror or with several "bro's". What is a bro you ask? Well, a bro is the ultimate toolbox. A bro is a person who thinks they are the coolest thing on earth. They can be found "chillin" with other bro's, playin' some Box (X-Box 360), eatin' some za (pizza), and sheddin' some concrete("skateboarding" on a longboard, which is a long skate board that takes no skill to ride. What's an ollie?).
5. The "wankster pose". This pose is the wannabe gangster pose. A suburban white kid who has never traveled south of Hall Road puts on a flat brimmed fitted hat, an over sized t-shirt with some type of printed gold chain, and Nike Air Force One's. Also, the sideways two finger hand gesture is required.

There are a few other poses, but not as common. This is only the male side; trying to analyze the other side would take years and be far too controversial.

I mentioned earlier the terms of service on Facebook. Apparently, people got all worked up that Facebook was using uploaded pictures and holding on to them even after people terminated thier accounts. This led to a large rabble, until Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook came out and had to rewrite the facebook terms of service, with input from the users. I saw a few friends of mine joined groups in protest of the old terms, and it made me laugh (out loud). Seriously? Facebook offers a free web service, where you can up load tons of data, including pictures and video. You are storing all of this info on Facbook's servers, which isn't free. The fact that people are mad that Facbook is using your pictures that you uploaded to their servers for free is hilarious. When you put something on someone else's servers or store something somewhere besides your own computer, then I think you lose a lot of your privacy rights. I don't care what they do with my pictures, because I don't put up anything stupid like 74.6% of facebook users. Go ahead, share my striking portraits with the inter-webs, I would enjoy it. And that's...the rest of the story. RIP Paul Harvey.

Saturday, March 28

Life Goal

Ok. Its late (early), and the only show worth watching right now is Quarterlife. Quarterlife is a show on GVTV, the cable channel run by students here. It follows the life of Jonas, and his battles with people, classes, and life in general around the Allendale campus. This show is so incredibly cheesy, it is awesome. It is also an outlet for local bands to get thier music heard. Maybe I should start a band... It has a cult following here, as students know the lines to most episodes (because they are on repeat all day). This short black and white show is amazing. So here's my goal. I want to get on Quarterlife. Even if it's just for a few seconds, I want to have a line on the show. I'm not sure how to do it yet, but if it happens; candy for everyone. Here is a trailer for the show. (it is not a joke, this is actual footage). I promise this is the last video for a while on this blog. Good night.

Friday, March 27

Tuesday, March 24

New Detroit Lions Logo

It is official. http://blog.mlive.com/highlightreel/2009/03/and_the_winner_of_the_new_detr.html

I have the press conference of Tom Lewand announcing the logo...

NASA gets Colbert'd

So I set up a new blog to give links to my future articles in the Lanthorn. You can check it out here. I am still setting it up, so it will look better in the future.

I had to chuckle at an article in the Detroit News today about how NASA is naming the new room on their cash drain, err, International Space Station. NASA gave online voters four choices and the option of a write in vote. NASA's fluffy/hopeful/names that don't imply we are wasting your money included Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity and Venture. However, the write-in backfired. Comedian Steven Colbert urged his viewers on The Colbert Report to write in "Colbert" This ended up winning by a large margin and defeating other write-in votes such as MyYearbook, Ubuntu, Buddy and Xenu (Tom Cruise's god). The NASA-selected names finished in 8, 9, 10 and 11th place. NASA better stick to their word and allow Colbert to be used as a name for Node 3.

I have never liked NASA. They are a waste of billions of taxpayer dollars for something that has generated minimal results. Why not spend all that money on stuff here on the earth? No, instead we continually pay for experiments that fail, shuttles that blow up, mars rovers that never rove, and launches that never occur. I can't remember how many millions of dollars it costs for each day a shuttle is delayed, but its astronomical (pun intended). Sadly, our leaders such as George W. Bush, bought into the space fantasies of the 60s, as he wanted to put people on Mars. NASA is a huge waste of money. Space exploration should be privatized and NASA should simply shut down. Space camp was cool in 4th grade, but not now, with these economic times it seems ridiculous to spend money searching for planets that may be habitable for life. Not even for life itself. (As if America cares about life anyway.) Of all the cuts B-Rack could make, this seems like an easy one. Now there is the possibility that some scientist will stumble upon this and give me reasons why NASA should continue. I don't want to hear about Teflon, Tang or pictures of galaxies. No, I am still waiting for that incredible, space-exclusive discovery that changes the lives of every American citizen in way much deeper than a small improvement in the quality of life. Shut down NASA, and let the rich folks play space camp. I cringe every time I see the exhaust trail from a shuttle launch, because that trail is literally my money burning into the atmosphere so we can see how spiders mate without gravity. (They apparently have trouble...DUH.)

Here is further reading why NASA is a waste o' space. CLICK ME!

Monday, March 23

Promotional Materials

A while back, I talked about how the Grand Valley Lanthorn hired me as a sports blogger. I was not technically on the staff, but I still had my stories posted on the paper's website. Well, today, I found out that I was promoted to the staff as a sports writer. As far as I know, I will cover about one story a week, which is given to me by the sports editor. This is really cool, because I am going to be printed in the school paper whenever I have an assignment. No more hard to locate blogs, this is real journalism work. It is really cool that I have been able to move up so quickly. Many people don't start doing work related to their careers until later, and I am able to gain valuable experience that other people may not have. Many people my age don't even know what they want to do with their lives, let alone their major. I am not exactly sure of any other details, but once I know, I will post it here. If you read my blog on the Lanthorn website, thanks. I will put up my articles here so you can check them out and see what happening with Grand Valley athletics. Thanks for reading,

P.S. do you like the newest header? I am tweaking it, but I will go with the paint splatter theme. Its all the rage amongst trendy PhotoShop users.

Saturday, March 21

Irish Jig, or Potato Famine?

Casual running does not mean training. I found this hard fact about 2.1 miles into my 5K at the Spectrum Health Irish Jig this morning. While I have been running, I was certainly not training for any specific race. Obviously. This disaster of a race began decent, but I soon realized that I had no speed or endurance. Both of which are somewhat important to running. I finished with a 2009 PR of 23:33, which is by far, the worst recorded 5K time I have EVER run in my ENTIRE life. I think my first 5K ever, I ran a 20:19, and that was 5 years ago. Oh well, I don't really care, I had a good time (not my race time, I enjoyed going to the race.) I did return to GVSU with large amounts of food I snagged by getting in line 3 times. My haul included: 2 packages of giant Goldfish Grams, 2 boxes of raisins, 2 Rice Krispies Treats, 2 packages of sunflowers seeds, 2 bags of Quaker Quakes, 2 Chewy Bars, an ugly mock turtle neck shirt, 2 bottles of Powerade, 1 water bottle, 3 yogurts, 2 apples, three bagels, and 4 spoons. I may not have run very well, but based on the amount of food I snagged, I think this race was worthwhile. And a few GV Running Club Members got in the Grand Rapids Press. Yes, there's a crazy shirtless kid on everyone's team or club. (Kevin Brenner, now Chase). My next goal is to break 21:00. Wow, I can't believe I am saying that. I would actually like to race my 8th grade self and see who would win. Sadly, I think young Brandt would destroy me.

Monday, March 16

SwimmersItch Bracket

My YouTube account is having a NCAA bracket tournament on Yahoo.com
Check the video for more information on the fabulous prizes offered to the winner. If you want to join, click this link-http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/105403

Thanks, and please subscribe!

Wednesday, March 11

New Lions Uniforms and Logo!

Check out the Lions new logo and uniforms for the 2009 season here! Watch to my expectation of what will happen at the press conference. As usual, we are all disappointed by the Lions year after year and this press conference was no exception.

BTW, I was going for the actual Tom Lewand hairdo seen below.

But seriously, the Leos are getting new uniforms and a new logo. All the old merchandise on the Lions website is on sale. Its all about five bucks!
The Pistons changed their uniforms, and wala! They began winning games. Too bad the Lions can't get Darko...

So watch my video, rate it whatever, then subscribe so you can get more hilarity when I create it. Good night (morning).

Here is a concept I dug up. I think it is real...

Monday, March 9

Tweeting on Twitter

In order to keep up with the fast paced world of communication technology, I have added a feed of my new Twitter page. Twitter is basically a mini blog, where you type in something 180 words or less, and post it to the web. People can choose to "follow" it, meaning every time that I update my twitter with a new post, it shows up on their "feed". Basically Twitter is fast paced, stripped down email. So sit back and enjoy the pointless deluge of facts that mean nothing to anyone other than me.