Sunday, February 22

Mustangs get pwnd

pwnd:(urban dictionary)-Getting owned, or destroyed by someone.

That word is simply the most annoying word ever. My roommate tosses it about like he is something special while playing Call of Duty 4 all day, every day. "Dude, I just pwnd 3 noobs on COD 4. I upgraded to gunnery Sargent. I'm sooo cool right now." Umm, sorry Screech, you fail. However, recent events at my former school lead me to say that the Mustangs did indeed get pwnd. No, I am not exactly referring to the recent loss to Lutheran Northwest in girl's basketball, nor the humiliation (27-0 ring a bell?) endured during football, but rather the choices of a few members of what is left of the Black Hole. I believe signs like "You call this a rivalry?" and others directed at Lutheran Northwest's apparent inept athletic abilities were held up by members of the student section. See, the funny and pwnable thing about this situation is the fact that Northwest and their bigger, louder, and more creative crowd should have held those signs. Not only were the Mustangs defeated on the court, they lost in the stands, as the Black Hole was apparently blown away by the visiting Red Realtors or Red Realm or whatever they go by these days. Yeah, it wasn't a rivalry that night because the smaller school kicked big brother in the butt. Its a miracle Northwest can even field full teams, let alone beat the Mustangs. Nothing like enforcing the "cocky stuck-up Lutheran North kids" image by bringing over those ironic signs to the Red Resumes while you were losing. Enter that into the classic hall of fame.

Let's face it. Northwest is a rivalry, no matter what the year or sport. I loved every time we played Northwest, because they always brought their best game. Here's a lesson to those confused children in the student section: It is a rivalry, because the two schools have the word Lutheran in front of them. I have first hand experience of this passion, as some Northwest students made a Facebook group for me in response to some of my Black Hole videos and, well, "media attention" I attracted to LHN a few years back. Check out the group here, Aaron b is a tool, and please join. (Its all good, they don't hate me anymore, I think.) No matter what year, Northwest will make the games against North and Westland their season. It is a rivalry. Most of the time, Northwest manages to keep it really close. Some of the best basketball games were when North should have mopped the hapless Crusaders up with their shoelaces, yet NW managed to give a great game. Take away the fact that they have beat us at football already, its a rivalry. It always has been, and as long as the two schools exist, it always will be. I give lots of credit to Northwest. They have half the size of North, yet they care so much more than North does. How the Black Hole was outnumbered, I have no idea, but this isn't something new. They have always drawn large crowds. It wasn't until Rob Rotondo and a group of seniors who actually cared about supporting their school organized the students. North used to be the school with no students cheering, and now it may be that way again. So newsflash, before you write off Northwest as a pathetic excuse for a school like you tried the other night, make sure you at lest win the game.