Tuesday, February 3

Music Playlist

Ok, so I found this new-fangled music player for my blog. Good idea? Hate it? My goal is to find some soothing music for you to listen to while getting enraged with my stubborn opinions. Its an equilibrium so to speak. If you don't want to listen to soothing music, simply press the big round button on the player. If too many people complain, I will get rid of it. Also, if you have any requests, let me know, I would love to add appropriate music to the play list. Again, this is not set in stone, I could take it off if I wanted to.
I am not in the mood to write, but I feel bad because I have had 2 posts in 2 weeks. Here are a few quick hitters that I may come back upon.

-According to the groundhog/psychic, there are 6 more months of winter. Why do we listen to an animal that literally has his head in the ground?
-Obama's choice for Heath and Human Services, Tom Daschle, pulled his name from consideration because of tax fraud problems. Hey, it happens to all of us.
-I was tagged again in another Facebook "25 Things about yourself" note. LAME. No one cares about any ones "things". A cheap cry for attention.
-Print journalism is dead.
-The Super Bowl happened. The Boss was old.
-My roommate got a haircut and bears a striking resemblance to Chet Morton from the Hardy Boys.
-Why are people so excited about eh library not charging the pilot for the book he lost in the Hudson River during the plane crash? Like a $20 book is such a big deal.
-The Pistons are dead.
-Michigan basketball is dying.
-horizontal stripes are thinning.
-I have a YouTube channel that you should subscribe to at http://www.youtube.com/SwimmersItch.

So that's it. Goodnight.