Saturday, February 14


I am trying to promote my site to a wider audience, so I have made a few changes. In the upper right, there is a button that says "subscribe in a reader" to this blog. By clicking that, a link is created in your favorites that gets updated every time I make a new post. You can also recive emails each time I put up a new entry. Simply insert your address into the "Subscribe via email" box on the right. I also put a link on my Facebook By becoming a fan of the blog on FB, you will get a FB notification every time I make a new blog entry. To become a fan, look on the right of this blog and find the box called "Link to Facebook" Click "follow my blog", and then you will be directed to Facebook where you can become a fan and get the notifications. There is some other technical stuff that I will explain when I figure it out tomorrow. I took down the music player; it was slowing down the page and didn't fit well. If there is anything I added that you don't like, please let me know. I also have to put this code in to verify some stuff so, so don't panic. BDV-738779-BDV