Wednesday, January 7

Year 18 in Review

I am on the verge of 19, so I will take a look back at my 18th year on this planet.

January- January 2008 brought the final semester of my high school career. In this month, Team PTI was introduced to the LHN Badminton Club, and John Stathakis and myself finished in 5th place.

February- This month marked the end of the Black Hole at LHN. The last few home games were half filled and full of apathetic students. Not even a TV crew could salvage the Black Hole. Its last gasp came against Imlay City on Senior Night/Breast Cancer Awareness Night, where the student section actually engaged in cheers. Today it lies one quarter of the size and 1/50th as loud as it was in its heyday. RIP Black Hole. President's Day was also observed.

March- This month marked the beginning of my senior track season. As usual, a tough love approach was used to scare people into shape. One memorable occasion was during stretches in the cafeteria. A few slackers (Andrew Fluegge, Mark Chandler, Kody Norwood, etc etc etc.) were not properly doing the stretches. Coach Davis, a former prison guard, flipped out and made us do push ups for 10 minutes as he hurled every single sports movie cliché he could remember. Here are some snippets of his words. “Who do you play for?”, “My team, my rules, my way!”, “I don't accept quitters!”, “Alright, boys, this is the last shot we got! We're gonna run the picket fence at 'em! Jimmy, you're solo right! Everett, Merle should be open on the other side of that fence! Now, boys, don't get caught watching' the paint dry!”, “My team's on the floor!” and “Yes you can. When I was fifteen years old I lost my mother and my father in the same month Ronnie, same month. 12 brothers and sisters I was the youngest one of them, now I wasn't ready either, but they needed me. Your team needs you tonight, you're the Colonel, you're going to command your troops! Twins right 48 zero read, *go!*”

April- In April, nothing exciting happened.

May- As Senior Representative on Student Council, I singlehandedly put together Prom. OK, so I am exaggerating. Mary Grace and Josh helped a little too. Also, I walked out of OLHN's doors for the last time as a student. Then I went back in because my dad forgot his keys. I also received the Luther's Seal Award, given by the theology department to the top student. Pastor Ball presented the award, then rode off into the sunset of St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Memphis Michigan.

June- In June, I graduated from high school in a epic ceremony at the cocoon. (Thats slang for Macomb Community College, they are the Monarchs). I began working at Viscount Pools, and later, I was added to the maintenance crew at North. My duties included painting pipes on top of the roof, patching all the holes Mr. Vacari left in his classroom, replacing ceilings where water leaked from the holes in the roof, rewiring half of the computers in the library, replacing lights in the kitchen and Home Ec room, cleaning, painting, sanding, and drywalling the new concession stand, and replacing sod from the shank job Ryan Buuck did earlier in the summer. I also had my grad party, which was attended by dignitaries such as Mr. Slagel, Aaron Goetch, Ron Paul, Richard Stathakis, and Steve Yzerman.

July- In July, my father and I traveled to Chicago by train and attended a White Sox game, then visited Mr. Rohde at his crib in Oak Park. We also rented some bikes and rode around the city, eventually running into Kanye West, Rod Blagojevich, and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, where Pete asked for baby name advice for his boy, due later in the year. Yes, Bronx Mowgli Wentz was my idea. I love Jungle Book.

August- In August, I left Mt. Clemens for Grand Valley State University. I arrived with a toothbrush and three pencils, and over Christmas break, I came home with 12 boxes. I adapted to college life quickly, and I soon found myself carrying a satchel, smoking a corncob pipe, and wearing scarves. But not really. I still am stuck in the past and not up with the changing times, seeing as I voted conservative.

September- September brought my first GV football game. As usual, we were up by 79 at the half, and everyone left. I began this blog, but no one read it until December.

October- This was a slow month, but I did sign off on an apartment for next year at Copper Beech. Come visit us at I-106. I also attended High School Musical 3 at 12:01 on opening night.

November- I didn't do much. I “ran” in the Turkey Trot, and almost died. And Obama won. See my experience on election night. Then November ended.

December- My first college final exams occurred this month. I did pretty well, considering I had no idea what to expect. I also wrote my most popular blog post to date. It fueled some interesting and healthy debate concerning important issues in Christianity. I went home for break and did absolutely nothing for 3 weeks. I traveled to Sagnasty to see my dad's side of the family, and I dominated them all in Rock Band (Stay tuned for my thoughts on this mindless game). I got some sweet deals at Birch Run, including a pair of Nike shoes for $30. However, my excitement was dimmed when I found out that my future roommate Steve Reckling has the same shoes. Oh well. On New Year's Eve, I managed to beat five 7th grade students in Madden, NCAA, and NBA Live. Awesome.

January- The first 7 days of January have been great. I am in some interesting classes, including my News in Reporting 256 class, where the teacher came in and asked if anyone had ever gotten an F. After a few people raised their hands, he said that most of us will get that grade at some point. Great. At least I know I will be challenged and get an edge on students in easier classes or even easier schools. In my Economics 100 class, the teacher came out and said he was a politically conservative Christian. He also is against labor unions. I am relived that I don't get to hear rants about how capitalism is killing us and how we need to spread the wealth. So here I am on January 7, waiting for year 18 to expire. God has given me a great year, and I am sure even better times are in store for year 19. Stay fresh, Aaron