Tuesday, January 13

It's So Cold in the G-Rap

Yeah, its that cold outside.

Seriously, today's weather report is a high of 17 and a low of 7. However, it is currently 14 degrees, but due to the wind chill, it feels like -1 degrees. Birds are frozen in midair, trees are exploding, and my windows are cracking.

The NFL playoffs are in full swing. As usual, I will pick the winner. In the NFC, Philadelphia will beat Arizona, and in the AFC, Pittsburgh will defeat Baltimore. In the Superbowl, Philadelphia will win. This is Philly's year. They will probably have the Phillies parade all over again, then have the Eagles parade. Also, this year's halftime entertainment will be Bruce Springsteen. I realize the NFL is still trying to build up its image after the Janet Jackson affair, but seriously? Another band from the past? Don't get me wrong, Paul McCartney, Prince, Tom Petty and Bruce were all incredible acts, but today? Not so much. There are plenty of better acts that appeal to a wide audience and are popular within the past 20 years. How about Coldplay, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Angels & Airwaves (I had to), or Dave Mathews Band. Whatever, who cares anyway. I'm just excited to see the new GM Superbowl ad. I heard they spent millions...