Wednesday, January 14


Over Christmas break, I visited the Sagnasty, and on my way home, we stopped at Birch Run Outlet Mall. At the Nike store, I came across a pair of sweet shoes for only $30. I snatched those zapatos up and walked away with a bargain. When I got to Grand Valley, I realized that my future roommate had the same pair. Oh the disappointment. He stole all of my new shoe thunder. Yet after this past weekend, I no longer need to worry about stolen thunder. On Saturday, Steve (my future roommate) and Mark (my other future roommate) were driving, when they were T-boned by a car that crossed the median into oncoming traffic. The driver of the compact car was extremely drunk. As you can tell, Steve's truck was totaled. Thankfully the only real injury was Steve's broken jaw. (No wires required) Steve's feet could have been seriously injured if it weren't for his loosely tied Nike Air Max Rivals, which are pinned up in the car. St. Peter may want to reconsider its triple knot, tightly tied laces policy. The other driver was unhurt and arrested when the police arrived. I am so thankful that I can write this blog with its happy ending, and not another tragic tale that I have seen replayed over and over. Seriously, my roommates came incredibly close to death due to some idiot's bad choices. I'm in college. Drinking exists. After seeing how close disaster actually is, I guess you could say I am pretty frustrated. I get it. Its a social phenomenon. But I am so sick of the incredible excess as to which drinking is carried out. (BTW, I'm talking about legal drinking, over 21.) One glance at Facebook reveals thousands of drunken moments and bad decisions. Some people even think its funny to put up fake drunk pics. ITS NOT. My friends could have died because some moron made terrible choices. That crap is as far from funny as I can imagine. In my communications class, we talked about the dangers of putting up those pictures (real or fake) when it comes to future employment. What about the example or image it portrays? The drunk pics are really not that funny. They just show the person looking stupid and make light of the serious over drinking problem in our society. By putting those up, the problems are promoted. If you are 21, have a good time, have a few drinks, but don't you dare threaten anyone else with your bad choices. Cut back a bit, give up the keys, and save a life. My world could have been crap right now, just as anyone else's could due to one bad choice. One mistake. That's all it takes to ruin your life and someone else's. Think of someone other than yourself for once. Please.