Wednesday, November 19

This Blog Will Not Cave

Recently, there has been pressure for me to stop using and switch to Facebook Notes. I have posted several notes on Facebook, including my most controversial piece ever, "Mustang Fans Display Poor Sportsmanship". See, that's the cool part of Facebook. It is very accessible. Within hours, I was able to get terrific feedback from all sides of the issue. However, as I began reading some of the poorly constructed responses, I realized Facebook is for morons. Anyone can throw up anything with zero effort or attempt at professionalism. I expected to get feedback, but not expletive laden rants by whiny crybabies. Facebook is the reason America struggles with grammar. Bad grammar is acceptable on this website, and even promoted. Was something funny? lol. Do you not know? idk. Are you just kidding? jk. How articulate. Sure Facebook is great for finding old friends and leaving stupid messages, but not for serious writing. It has become popular recently to craft some "serious" work and then post it on Facebook. I don't really have a problem with this, in fact I have a link to this very blog on my own page. The feature that keeps Facebook on the same level as a gossip magazine is the tagging feature. Once you slap together your classical work of literature, you can tag people in your note. This means that if you are tagged, you will get a notification that directs you to the Facebook note. Some see this as a great way for lots of people to see your writing, I see it as a cheap way to get attention. By tagging me, the writer is basically forcing me to read his or her opinion. Its as if the Detroit News came to my house, went inside, and woke me up to point out all of the top stories. If this happened, most people would be furious. I am getting very tired of people tagging me with their religious and political enlightenment's posted on Facebook. Most of them are riddled with errors and contain overused cliches. It has become too easy to sound like an expert. I don't try to act like I am some sort of prophet or super-political scientist, I just tell it how I see it. Yet these Facebook notes have gotten out of control. I am sick of being tagged. I am not going to call anyone individually and tell them to visit this blog, I will let my writing speak for itself, and if it is good enough, people will hear about it eventually. I give mad props to all of my fellow bloggers who have not stooped to the tabloid level of Facebook notes. We put time into our work. Time to build a layout. Time to think out our points. Time to post it in an actual blog. Now I am not saying that blogs are the pinnacle of writing, but they certainly hold more weight than a note. So please, don't tag me in your sermons or your rants; take the time to put it on a better medium. And no, I will NOT be switching my blogs to Facebook Notes. I am not thirsting for attention that bad.
In other news, I'm glad the Indian Navy sunk the pirate mother-ship. Another reason I love America is that I am not worried about being attacked by pirates. At least not real pirates; there are still those strange people who actually think they are Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom and they actually think they have a decent British accent. They do still lurk amongst the shadows. I will judo chop the next pirate wannabe who even hints at the word "parlay".
And I am sad to see that Debby the polar bear was euthanized after a series of strokes at a zoo in Canada. Yeah...not really. I wonder if the gift shop will be serving bear venison soon... Oh well, keep on truckin, Aaron