Sunday, November 23

Joe Horn: Insert Foot In Mouth

"We still feel like they still haven't figured out what hit 'em up there. We know our defense is going to make the adjustments to give us even more opportunities to score on them. From what I've heard, they're scared to play us again."-Joe Horn, wide receiver for Ashland University on what he thinks about the outcome of the playoff game between Grand Valley State and Ashland. Joe caught 12 passes for 183 yards and 2 touchdowns in the last time the Lakers met AU, where GVSU narrowly won.
Well Joe, good plan. Grand Valley ended up winning 40-7 in an uncompetitive blowout (story of the football program) this past Saturday. But I'm sure Joe did all he could to back up his smack, if 4 receptions for 18 yards for no touchdowns is backing up his words... This was yet another boring Grand Valley massacre. There's really not much to say about this game other than Joe Horn's stupid comments. It was funny hearing Joe get torn apart by the GV student section, but after while, it got boring, as we all realized he didn't technically show up for this game. I can't wait until next week's blowout.
A few days back, I got my 4th free item in my mail order project. This time, it was 5 Tobacco Free posters with Tony Hawk on them. Way awesome. Skate on, Aaron