Friday, October 24

Free at last, free at last, steak almighty, free at last.

About a month ago, I engaged in a serious project to get as much free goods as I possibly could. I read a story in "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" about a TV show where they put a guy in a bare house, and he had to order everything from free samples in magazines. I put my name on many mailing lists for products ranging from toothpaste to an American flag. Well, a few days ago, I received my first mail. In my mailbox was a free coupon for Country Bob's All Purpose Scauce in a 13 oz. bottle. Of course this is only available in limited stores, but it is still free. This is the college life.
In other news, I went to High School Musical 3 at 12:01 AM this morning, and I have to say, it was better than expected. They cut down on the cheeseballity of the previous movies. However, one problem I did have was the scene on the rooftop of East High. As a member of the LHN summer maintenance crew, I can tell you that roof was highly unrealistic. I mean, plants? I painted pipes up there, and the only interesting stuff i found was a dead bird, a pair of briefs, and a shoe from about 1983. This was highly unrealistic. I have nothing else to say. Its now or never.