Thursday, October 9


Ok, so before you even read my post today, check out the link above.
There are several reasons I find this article hilarious. First of all, the title. "Burned! Washington state woman shot by stove" So
a woman gets shot by her stove, which can be a traumatic and potentially dangerous situation. However, this author chooses to humorize the situation. I'm sure this woman did not find this situation too funny. But don't get me wrong, I am certainly not on Mrs. Remington er, Davis' story. How might a woman get shot by her stove? Well the explanation does nothing to prove this lady is in full mental capacity. She first thought it "was one fast hot coal flying at me." That's right, coal. Who uses a coal fired stove these days?

Where do you buy coal? By today's standards a gas fired stove can be considered old school, but a coal fired stove? Simply p
prehistoric. Moving on, this lady figured out it wasn't coal that came from her George Washington era kiln, but a 22 gauge shotgun shell. My first thought was, how does a shotgun shell get into a stove? Why would someone have shotgun shells anywhere near the kitchen. Silly me, apparently she spilled a box of shells near the stove and one must have gotten into the stove's chamber (pun intended). Of course this is a reasonable explanation. I mean, I spill shotgun shells by my stove all the time, and then I don't bother to look IN THE STOVE to see if any are hiding. Who has that kind of time? But it doesn't end there! Instead of getting into her ox-drawn wagon and going to the hospital, she decided to remove the shrapnel out of her leg my herself. She didn't even ford the river to the hospital until a day later. I'm sure that was a comfortable night. You just got shot by your stove, and now you have to put out all of the gas fired lamps in your house so it doesn't light the thatch roof on fire. What a hassle. I guess the moral of the story is to check your oven twice for shotgun shells before whipping up that 9 bean casserole.
On an unrelated note, you would think that the spell check on this site would recognize the words Barack, Obama, and McCain. Cause no one ever uses those names in a blog these days...